Studio Leads are an essential part of the Alchemy business model. While Studio Leads are not full-time employees, they are critical in filling our schedule and making sure Alchemy athletes have the best coaches and most positive interactions possible. At a minimum, Studio Leads will work front desk shifts serving as the very first touch point for athletes entering the studio. Furthermore, working at the front desk will mean keep facilities clean, tend to our smoothie bar, address various athlete needs and support the coaching staff during class hours. Last but not least, Studio Leads will drive sales.

In order to be considered for a Studio Lead position, candidates must have completed the A101 Seminar.

Candidates that have completed A101 AND passed their auditions are eligible to work at the front desk as well as coach classes. Studio Leads with coaching capacity will do both front desk and classroom work.

If you are interested in part time work at Alchemy, you should apply to this position regardless of whether you've passed your audition or not as we're always in need of studio leads in varying degrees in our studios. Some Studio Leads work 30 hours/week at Alchemy, others work as few as 3 hours/week.